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Docker EE The Enterprise ready container platform

Docker EE: Container Platform eBook

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), the most advanced enterprise-ready container platform in the market, extends container technology to a container platform helping global organizations modernize their application infrastructures with enterprise features like...

The Expert’s Guide to Running Containers in Production

Thanks to Docker, containers have exploded onto the enterprise software scene. Containers deliver real-world benefits such as speed-to-launch, density, and portability. That explains why enterprises — often conservative when it comes...
Running Containers in Production for Dummies

Running Containers in Production for Dummies

The acclaimed For Dummies Series, this fantastic resource explores containers, orchestrator choices and helps you skillfully navigate the challenges of deploying containerized applications in production. Read it now!

DevSecOps: Speed and Security, Together at Last

Cybersecurity in any organization is a paramount concern. As software developers work at an increasingly fast pace, the potential for security vulnerabilities becomes greater if the traditional model of software development...

Banking On DevOps to Speed Market Innovation

The banking industry faces several challenges: ever-increasing regulation, customers who demand multi-channel experiences and disruptive innovation from within and outside of the sector. Customer loyalty is built by offering the most...

Continuous Governance: The Guardrails for Continuous Everything

Businesses need to move fast to stay competitive, but this high-speed velocity challenges the industry to create a standard set of policies and risk management surrounding software development. As a result,...

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