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IT Operations is an activity business do to use IT technology within their organization. Traditionally focussing on keeping the lights on, IT Operations falls into three areas: servicedesk, network infrastructure and server and device management. With modern technology, less time is spent on running, and more on changing IT. Simpler, commoditized cloud services remove much of the day-to-day work sysadmins do to keep the lights on, meaning more time can be spent supporting the business with project and initiatives and changing and optimizing IT resources as a result.

Deploying a LAMP Stack with Terraform – AMIs, network & security

In this the first of two post on deploying a LAMP stack with Terraform we discuss some new concepts and explain the creation of the network.
HashiCorp Sentinel Delivering Compliance To Infrastructure as Code

HashiCorp Sentinel: Delivering Compliance To Infrastructure-as-Code

Methodologies & practices such as DevOps have contributed to radically transform the way application development and deployment are performed. The transformation can also affect organizational culture, and a successful adoption by...

Recap of HashiConf EU 2019 – going multi*

Did you enjoy HashiConf EU 2019 just as much as I did? The 3-day conference was great from the start on Monday 8th of July until the end at Wednesday 10th....

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: When Pigs Fly!

And fly, those pigs do. Oracle, at their OpenWorld conference last week, announced two major VMware integrations: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, a way of running VMware Cloud Foundation inside Oracle's cloud,...

Refactoring helps DevOps initiatives in your organization

Every developer can give you examples of applications of which the code base is like spaghetti code. Plenty of reasons why an application might end up in such a situation. Often,...

DevSecOps – Building a Secure DevOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is the next stage in the DevOps revolution; integrating security practices into the development and operations workflows at an early stage. There is little argument that DevOps as a paradigm has...
HashiCorp Vault

Deploying and configuring HashiCorp Vault to service Terraform

In the third post of this series you will have noticed that we configured the Terraform environment to utilize a HashiCorp Vault server to provide one time use authentication for your...
non-functional requirements

Guidelines to select a tool for the enterprise

Every software development team uses tools to actually build and ship software applications. Developers use tools to write the application code. Operators use tools to deploy these applications to the cloud....
Clean up your unused cloud resources to reduce your cloud bill

Clean up your unused cloud resources to reduce your cloud bill

Developers can and will utilize whatever resources cloud providers offer in simple ways. Infrastructure components can be setup in a matter of minutes. Creating and using cloud resources can quickly get...
Don’t waste your money on unused cloud resources

Don’t waste your money on unused cloud resources

All popular Cloud providers offer resources which charge you on a “pay per use” model. It’s great to only pay for what you really need. Startups and other companies benefit from...
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