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Monitoring is an activity performed against applications and systems to determine their state and health. From basic uptime and performance tests to gathering application- and business-level telemetry; monitoring is a broad field. The main use case of monitoring is to detect problems and anomalies, determining root cause, performance and capacity bottlenecks.

Learn to fail or fail to learn

Learn to fail or fail to learn

There are a lot of websites dedicated to DevOps nowadays. The topic is trending,  it is being highlighted in a lot of talks at webinars and conferences all around the world....
Monitoring your containers

Monitoring your containers is hard. Sensu is here to help.

The introduction of new technologies in to an enterprise can bring issue of visibility black-spots due to an inadequate ability to monitor the services
Instana announces Support for GKE’s on-prem version

Instana announces Support for GKE’s on-prem version

Instana, a provider of Application Performance Management (APM) solutions for microservice applications, announced support for the on-premises version of Google Kuberbetes Engine. "Application teams need flexibility in their platform choices, especially as...

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