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DevOps is a culture where people, regardless of title or background, work together to imagine, develop, deploy and operate a system. In practical terms, DevOps is the next logical iteration after Agile of multidisciplinary teams working together to create software products and services.


DevSecOps – Building a Secure DevOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is the next stage in the DevOps revolution; integrating security practices into the development and operations workflows at an early stage. There is little argument that DevOps as a paradigm has...
Storage and connectivity

Edge computing explained and what you need to know

It could very well be the case you have already heard of edge computing. Many organizations already use edge computing in their day-to-day business. Before we dive into more details about...
Code evolution

Functional Programming: democratizing development for DevOps

There is a bit of a revolution happening on the quiet in the development world. Partly led by the paradigm of DevOps, with infrastructure-as-code and configuration scripting. This revolution is changing...

How to create resilient Terraform code – part three

We have deployed our first working environment, but now we must make it resilient and repeatable, this is a journey into Terraform State, tfvar files and modules

Time for 20/20 vision – here’s 7 trends for DevOps in 2020

A top 10 prediction list of the potential movers and shakers in 2020.

Moving from Ops to DevOps: a 9-step saga

We all know about the DevOps revolution, a lot of us have read the Phoenix Project and the new book the Unicorn Project by Gene Kim and friends. Two books about...

Refactoring helps DevOps initiatives in your organization

Every developer can give you examples of applications of which the code base is like spaghetti code. Plenty of reasons why an application might end up in such a situation. Often,...

Why Security Shift Left makes sense

DevOps has become a popular way of ‘shifting left’ infrastructure, making it easily consumable, in a self-service manner for developers. Tools like HashiCorp Terraform automate public cloud resource consumption and make...
Kubernetes and the Hype Cycle at its Peak or in the Trough

Kubernetes and the Hype Cycle: at its Peak or in the Trough?

Kubernetes is the great new kid on the block, and just like at high school everybody wants to be friends with them. Those on the outside of the gang all wonder...

Your secrets are (probably) everywhere – and they should not be

Where to store the secrets you need for your applications and infrastructure? A lot of sysadmins and developers face this dilemma. Not just once, but with every (new) application which is...
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