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DevOps is a culture where people, regardless of title or background, work together to imagine, develop, deploy and operate a system. In practical terms, DevOps is the next logical iteration after Agile of multidisciplinary teams working together to create software products and services.

Sysdig interview with Chris Kranz The State of the Union

Sysdig interview with Chris Kranz – The State of the Union

In this the second part of the Interview with Sysdig EMEA SE Manager Chris Kranz, we discuss the state of the container industry and reminisce about Virtualization

What Compliance-as-Code means for your business

Have you already heard of Compliance-as-Code? Are you familiar with “compliance officers” in your organization? If not, you might be curious what 'compliance' means. Quite recently there have been some talks...
Interview with Chris Kranz and Why Sysdig

Interview with Chris Kranz – Why Sysdig

Part one of an Interview with Chris Kranz the EMEA SE Manager of Sysdig. we investigate the why, what and futures of sysdig.
Site Reliability Engineering and the IT product

Why SRE is important for your applications

In the article “learn to fail or fail to learn” I briefly touched on the importance of learning from failures. In short: a development team should learn it is inevitable that...
kubernetes.academy logo

Want to learn Kubernetes for free? Use Kubernetes.Academy!

Ever considered learning Kubernetes? But scared to take on such a big new path, realizing that containers are quickly becoming first-class citizens with Project Pacific? Read more about Project Pacific and Tanzu...
DevOps The Infrastructure Revolution

DevOps – The Infrastructure Revolution

Is the DevOps of today the same as the original concept, if not how has it changed over the years.
When Team Autonomy is a bit too much

Too much team autonomy can hurt your organization

DevOps initiatives are everywhere. You can’t go to a meetup or conference without being exposed to at least 1 track about DevOps. Companies share...
Monitoring your containers

Monitoring your containers is hard. Sensu is here to help.

The introduction of new technologies in to an enterprise can bring issue of visibility black-spots due to an inadequate ability to monitor the services
Container security the static part

Container security – the static part

In one of my previous articles I wrote about the concepts of container security from a business point of view. One of the topics to start with is to secure the...

Analyzing the 2019 Accelerate State of Devops Report: 3 key findings

Nicole Forsgren and her DORA team at Google have published the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps report. DevOps has crossed the Chasm That's a pretty bold statement. It's the major conclusion by the...

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