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Agile is a set of practices to make software development move quickly and easily. These practices value Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, Working software over comprehensive documentation, Customer collaboration over contract negotiation and Responding to change over following a plan.


Recap of HashiConf EU 2019 – going multi*

Did you enjoy HashiConf EU 2019 just as much as I did? The 3-day conference was great from the start on Monday 8th of July until the end at Wednesday 10th....
Learn to fail or fail to learn

Learn to fail or fail to learn

There are a lot of websites dedicated to DevOps nowadays. The topic is trending,  it is being highlighted in a lot of talks at webinars and conferences all around the world....

Analyzing the 2019 Accelerate State of Devops Report: 3 key findings

Nicole Forsgren and her DORA team at Google have published the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps report. DevOps has crossed the Chasm That's a pretty bold statement. It's the major conclusion by the...
When Team Autonomy is a bit too much

Too much team autonomy can hurt your organization

DevOps initiatives are everywhere. You can’t go to a meetup or conference without being exposed to at least 1 track about DevOps. Companies share...

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